Program de facturare, emitere bonuri la casa de marcat, evidenta stocuri

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Facturis is a primary accounting and sales software, intuitive, easy to use, configurable and customizable. It offers, besides printing of invoices, receipts, notices accompanying the goods and tax bills, a large number of functions to facilitate sales in your company.

The software is available in 4 versions:

 – EASY – Price: 75 Lei, vat included. With this version you can issue invoices, receipts, proforma invoices, but can not issue tax receipts to cash register. You can import database with products and customers, you can work with barcode reader and you can print out reports.

 – STANDARD – Price: 150 Lei, vat included. This version offers the additional option of printing ticket bills on cash registers, several reports, and other benefits.

 – STOC – Price: 250 Lei, vat included. This version offers several advantages related stocks in your enterprise (reception notes, consumer bills, report production, various reports of stocks, etc.).

 – SHOP – Price: 399 Lei, vat included. Benefit from the previous version of suppliers reports and barcode labels printing.

Can be downloaded from, the licence and billing can be made via e-mail.

For more details please visit .

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